Fun With Czech Fairy Tales Volume 1

Three golden apples fell from the tree: one for the storytller, one for the listener and one for the person who takes the story to heart.

Journey with Tendrak and through the weaving of the story, discover how the characters are empowered to overcome ther obstacles and become victorious.  Let the listening to these stories told through the media of CD enable the magic of your imagination to bring you into the joy and entertainment they have to offer.  The CDs are not only enjoyable for personal and group listening at home, but can make long trips seem shorter.  It makes a great gift for any and every occasion, for indiviuals, groups and families.  (Remember, deep down, adults like fairy tales too!)

The fanfare of trombones announces the story is about to begin.  The harp plays Tendrak's theme and the storytelling dragon begins to narrate the story

 (Music and actor's voices bring the story to life.) 

A Devil Meets Kate: The impish devil, Edvard, tricks the arrogant Kate into taking him as a suitor.  Tables are turned when Kate clutches Edvard around the neck and says she will hang on forver.  How will he escape?  (24:11)

The Swan Prince:  The naive prince is bespelled a swan by a magician to escape the machinations of the devious Queen.  Can he win the love of "yonder" beautiful princess and break the enchanted spell?  (30:20)

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Fun With Czech Fairy Tales Volume 2

The Godmother and the Magician:  Can a pure-hearted maiden with the blessings of her godmother, and a prince with a magician's spell defeat the obstacles of a scorned princess who tries to keep them apart?  (31:23)

The Magic of Kindness and Kolaches: These are the ingredients needed for two brothers to overcome hardships and unforeseen difficulties to win the trust of a dog, meadowlark and bear and fulfill a quest - to obtain the magic waters of health and youth for a languishing father.  Which brother succeeds?  (24:15)

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Tendrak Theatre presented five Christmas Stories on CD in 2007, told by Moudry, the Storyteller, a.k.a. Dennis Strachota.

Listen as Moudry brings to life the stories of Christmas that intersect the everyday lives of those living in romantic, mythical Lhota during the Middle Ages in the lands of Old Bohemia and Moravia at the crossroads of Central Euope.  (58:28)

1)  Opening  (1:19)

2)  Traditional Story:  In the time-honored tradition of storytelling, Moudry related the tale with events and characters that are often omitted when the Christmas Story is told, including Joachim and Ann, parents of Mary and Heli, father of Joseph, the grandparents of Jesus.  (18:08)

3)  Vojta's Story:  A caring-alchemist magician, Vojta, has a young, lame apprentice whose faith in the Infant Christ Child brings him healing, renewal and growth in faith for both of them.  (10:47)  

4)  Emma's Story:  A chivalrous knight, Sir Vít, sharing the Christmas spirit with his village people, is injured in an accident.  He is rescued by three mysterious, well-known Star-followers on horses and is cared for by them until his loving wife, Lady Emma, who following a star is led from the castle to be re-united with him.  (8:08)

5)  Brother Ondřej's Story:  An old monk preparing for his trip "home"during the Christmas Season with a very distinguished and holy escort and yet stays at his hermitage long enough to bid farewell to his friends and benefactors.  (12:41)

6)  Tendrak's Story: DRAGON'S AT CHRISTMAS!  Moudry tells of Tendrak, a fire-brathing dragon, whose assignment is to protect a new-born babe.  At the risk of his own life, Tendrak protects the child from an insidious cobra in Egypt.  (9:52)

7)  Closing  (0:33)


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