Good Storytellers Deliver Enchantment
          author: Jean Zmolek                                                                                                                                                                                                          

GOOD storytellers report activity and relate fiction but GREAT storytellers can deliver enchantment. Above all, they can transcend boundaries of times and space and give the listener a good dose of spiritual joy. Moudry does this. He enchants, transforms, and transcends. In so doing, he gives a new reality to the magic of Christmas and I give him five stars!

Something New for Christmas
          author: Martin Richmond

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Winter holiday Christmas season comes a refreshing CD that takes us back to simpler times. Dennis has the wonderful ability to weave enchanting stories using just his voice, a time honored tradition of good storytelling. Sitting by a crackling fire sipping a cup of spiced wine or gathering with the family, these stories have a tender way of striking a chord in us all. After all, who wouldn't want to hear a story about a dragon babysitting the Christ child, or a gathering in a dark damp castle of old, preparing for the holidays. Even his story of the Virgin Mary has the ability to stop you in your busy tracks and make you truly ponder what the Christ in Christmas is all about. Our hats off to the Storyteller and his new work. Steve and Marty Directors Olde World Puppet Theatre.

Tendrak Theatre
          author: Michael Attwood

In the interest of full disclosure I should state that Dennis recorded these stories at my studio in Portland, Oregon - but I should also add that I do not often write reviews for my recording projects. This is a charming and most unusual re-telling of the Christmas story from the points-of-view of several intriguing characters. This CD should appeal to a wide range of ages - I still listen to it myself quite regularly - and listening to it could easily become a part of a family tradition at Christmas time. Imagine the building of the excitement as one story is played each evening during the last week before Christmas day! 

                                                                                                FUN WITH CZECH FAIRY TALES, VOLUME 1 CD 

A Journey into traditional Czech folklore 
          author: Robert Bela Wilhelm

Tendrak tells these tales straight -- as they were traditionally -- without any adapting to modern prejudices. These are unvarnished tales, told with humor and skillfully narrated. Takes you right into the realm of Czech Fairy tales from medieval times. I enjoyed the plot, the characters, and the narrated voices. I would love to see these tales on Tendrak's stage as a DVD with all the Czech puppets. Tendrak Theater is in Oregon, which is great for folks in the Northwest who would love to see lives performances. Short of that, buy this CD and enjoy being transported to long ago and faraway.


Fun with Czech Fairy Tales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        author: Janet Bradley, Founder & Manager Director, Tears of Joy Theatre

          I listened again to Volume 1 and for the first time to Volume 2.  I like these stories very much.  Once I started listening I didn't want to quit until I had heard them all!  I will keep these CDs in my car and I plan to listen to them again on m next trip to Seattle.

The voices of the characters are well done and gave a clear sense of the individuality of each one, even in stories with many characters.  There is a clear moral to each story and initially I wondered about this, but upon further though, realized that this is the purpose of a fairy tale; not just to entertain but also to give examples of how we should behave.  The music accompanying the stories is enchangint and added greatly to my satisfaction in listening to these stories.

Three years ago I was given a book of Czech fairy tales by my niece who lives in Prague but I had never read the tales.  After hearing these CDs I am inspired to find my book and read more.